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Closer to nature

From whitewash to peaceful sea blue

Monte do Olival is a touristic project, both in the countryside and in the city, which brings together Casas do Olival - two independent houses, located in the heart of Alcácer do Sal, and Monte do Olival, rural tourism in its fullest expression, few kilometers from the city.

All the interiors in this project were designed by a friend of the family, the designer Lígia Casanova, and each of the proposals reflect the common love for the Alentejo, through their colors and textures, 

From the white of the lime to the blue of the sea so close by, from the warm tone of the wood and the fields to the brushstrokes of a more intense color such as the yellow of the summer sun.


Monte do Olival

Monte do Olival (the farm) launched in 2021, proposes 3 different types of houses, supported by a swimming pool and a dream environment, for those who pursue the freedom of the countryside with no boundaries.

Ver Casas

In Alcácer, the two houses - one white and the other blue -  provide maximum comfort and contact with a very special region of great beauty, with the perched houses overlooking the river Sado and the castle, its churches and a whole rich heritage in architecture, gastronomy and culture.

Gold and blue