Intimate and stylish

Monte do Olival is a family tourism project that brings together two independent houses located in Alcácer do Sal center town, and Monte do Olival, not far from the city, a rural retreat owned by the same family.  

The two houses, we named blue and white, offer maximum comfort and the privileged contact with a beautiful region, with its houses overlooking the Sado River and the castle. Architecture, gastronomy, and culture take part in many of its characteristics. 

Our love is white

Our love is blue

Remodeled by interior designer Lígia Casanova, a dear friend of the family, each of the two houses reflect Alcácer's landscape colors, from whitewash to peaceful sea blue, the warm shade of wood to the most intense brushstrokes, including the sunny yellow.

Aimed at those who seek rest, alone or in good company, each of our two houses reflects the true spirit and charm of Alcácer, with its restaurants, beaches, and numerous natural attractions, some still untouched.

Monte do Olival, to be completed in early 2020, offers 3 T1-type houses, with a swimming pool and a beautiful environment, for those who favor the freedom of the borderless countryside.