A family story

Monte do Olival tells a love story. A handful of nature and memories that have passed from generation to generation. In the family since the nineteenth century, it was on this same hill that young Maria Antónia spent her holidays with Édola and Ricardo, the maternal grandparents. Her connection to Monte do Olival is strong and built during childhood where she played many games within this untouched landscape. It's on this very same hill that Maria Antónia, today the grandmother of five, alongside with her lifelong companion, extends and passes on the same teachings, dedication, and love to her five grandchildren.


It's at Monte do Olival that the family spend their holidays, and where the youngers have learned how to take care of the flowers, trees, and plants, or to feed the donkeys. It's here at Monte do Olival where they listen to all the stories that their grandfather tells them, the same way Maria Antónia listened from her grandparents.

Monte do Olival is a dream came true. The dream of this former kindergarten teacher, who had always imagined this place the ideal location to build her home not only to welcoming her family but also all the families who aim to witness the beauty of the countryside. The fellow farmer, passionate about the field and the animals, nurses the same love for nature as she is and he’s an important emotional support to make everything possible. A man of few words with a big heart, he perceives the country and the farm as the source of love and relationship with his children and grandchildren and all families, which he always welcomes with open arms.